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14940002_1118203571548644_5802835974622675657_oOn Friday, December 9, we will host #43 of Davos Experience in Tokyo. We will have a guest from airbnb which just began new service. After we hear their activities/vision and details about their new service, we want all of us to think about the way we can host guests-whether they are from Japan or overseas and offer the item at auction so that people can bid.
The concept is what UNIQUE experience only you can offer, at your place. We want you to think about what YOU can offer-your knowledge about certain places/things etc., unique skills, experiences, memories etc. that people find of value. If it is related to travel, it is even better, but need not be in my understanding.
We want many items to be offered there, and some may be even interesting enough for people at airbnb to develop further.
We can even go a bit different way, too. If you are looking for a job, you can offer your skills/experiences in the place where you find home/comfortable to see whether 14996426_1295333583833664_605974553_n-1there are people out there that is interested in your skills/experience etc. (possibly offer you a job!)
airbnb is based upon sharing and hosting. Come and develop creative/innovative and crazy way to host/offer unique experience…
I am thinking about some examples such as 1) taking people to sentimental journey around Yokohama where I spent my high school days (to share my earlier days etc.) 2) bringing them to places related to Dubai(now looking for place!) as I visit Dubai many times and know a bit about it. 3) take them along the process of preparing for international conferences with hopefully helpful and practical tips from my experience, etc.  (I am still thinking…)

You know how casual the whole atmosphere is from the video I uploaded the other day. (If you have not seen it, see below.)

Come and test your ideas for airbnb, job opportunity and for start-up!  (It is always better to go for stars!)  For details and registration, follow this link.  I will be waiting for you with a hat to do silent auction & big get-together afterwards.

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