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If you can have a second job in addition to your main job, what do you want to do?  This is the topic for the session #13 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo”series, held on Friday, March 7.  Why did we choose this topic? you may wonder.

Here is the background.  I have come across with more people with two  or more “different” name cards.  I also know that more young people (“at heart” included) do some work for the NPO or are involved with some activities often called “socially responsible” and/or  of “shared value”.

I have  been involved with the issue of work-life-balance, career-family juggling, empowering women, reduction of overtime work, etc. that have been discussed  very often. Empowering women and elderly to reinvigorate Japan’s economy is the title of my chapter in Education & Skills 2.0 launched in Davos in January.    I also have been invited to give a talk and/or run the workshop on diversity at companies.  (In fact, I was at the meeting to explore the content of such diversity workshop to be held in the summer a few days ago.)

I agree that child care etc. that have been implemented by both the Abe administration and private sector need to be continued.   I also think new evaluation system, reduction of overtime, etc. we discussed in November is important and needs to be pursued.

But I cannot but think that we need completely new, drastic approach to the issue of work-life balance.   So we chose the second job as the topic.  You can check the details about the topic and how to participate through our website.  We want to explore various ways to have a second job and specific examples of second jobs you want to have.  We will have networking opportunity as always to discuss specifics.  Come & join us on Friday, March 7.  Looking forward to seeing you then.

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