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Yesterday, we had the first class of Business Strategy in the Era of Drastic Change for 2014.  It was also the first session of the Module III on Big Data & Analytics.

After I reviewed the session dates, topics and the guests (we will have three companies all experts in some aspects of Big Data with us)  of the series.  Then I gave brief overview of the elements distinguishing “Big Data” we talk often now from the data that has been around for a long time.  It is 5V–often used to describe the Big Data.  I also gave how big Big Data actually is, by using some of the figures introduced during the  December session of “Davos… in Tokyo”.

Then I asked the students, “What are the questions you wonder and want to find out?”   At first, students seemed to be lost as they had no idea what I was trying to get at.  So we divided them to form four  groups and each group started discussing.

What I was trying to get at by asking the question was that it helps to have a list of questions if we want to make the best of the Big Data with 5Vs.  In other words, The last V-“Value” can be created from the Big Data, if we have the question in our mind.(We can also identify patterns generated if we have some burning issues in our mind.)

After about 15 minutes of small group discussion, we listed questions identified in each group.  Then we discussed how we collect data to answer the question and whether there have been changes –mainly new technologies- as to how and what to collect and analyze.

It turned out to be quite an interesting discussion, though we just scratched the  surface. We will learn more about these issues as we continue classes with experts.  I tried this approach as I believe we are better prepared to ask questions and clarify our issues if we try to think of the questions in general before the presentations/discussion with experts.  I am very much looking forward to the exciting sessions! (We will be doing debate, group project etc. to conclude the Module on Big Data but I am still trying to figure out what would be the best way!)

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