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Since the beginning of this month, I decided to take some action everyday that will help us sustainable society.  I am working on food loss and everyday, I make sure that I do NOT waste any food. Try to use the food I buy at grocery store without any wasted part.  I am conscious of this, and need to be creative/innovative to something new-i.e. not from my regular recipe.  Yesterday and today, I made something that tasted a bit strange, as I wanted to make sure that I eat fish/vegetables delivered (I subscribe to organic food delivery service that comes every week) as soon as possible.  I had two bags of bean sprouts and thus had left over Miso soup with left over sauted beansprouts for lunch.(It was different, and rather exotic, but interesting!)  I am also conscious of the order of food I eat. (I eat seaweed and vegetables first.)   With these two actions (for today), I am making some link to two of SDGs -famine and wellness.

Next week, I will work on eliminating single use plastics.  I need to be a bit creative on this as not using plastics does not sound too interesting.  I will keep writing about my daily actions that may help SDGs to go forward.  So stay tuned.

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