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After struggle for several hours yesterday, I finished “What is SINCA?” in English.  After several failed attempts yesterday, I made the section with slides of activities with ,my voice over.  I put together the whole thing, which was over 30 minutes!  I thought it might be too long (Japanese version is about half of it!), and made another try to have three separate sections.  While I was working on the separate versions, the original 30+ minute version was successfully uploaded to YouTube!  (Almost the first time to get it done so quickly!)   So I decided to post the original 30+ minute version.

It consists of three parts-the first where I explain the original objective of SINCA, how it is still applicable to “With Corona” era (taking some 6 minutes or so), followed by the second section where slides of sessions were shown with my explanation over them.  (some 15 min. or so)  The last section discusses the recent SINCA online sessions including the one we hosted last night. (The video said tonight as i was done yesterday.) The last section is (some 5 min. or so.

As I am still not quite familiar with editing  iMovie on my Mac Book, the transition is not smooth and you may see some funny partial slide or two.  I am learning by doing, so please bear with me

The video of the session we hosted last night (very good impressive session) will be ready for your view when it is edited. (I am the one that does it, so it may take a while.)

Enjoy What is SINCA? in English for now.

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