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 I managed to get my mother hospitalized this afternoon.  All of a sudden, she expressed her wish to go to the hospital yesterday afternoon because she was in such a pain.  This development was a bit of a surprise as she had avoided so far to go to the hospital and wanted to stay home.

  As I heard her wish and sensed my father’s sense of urgency last night, I tried to contact several friends of mine to find the hospital which would accept her with short notice.  I managed to talk with MD last night, and gave him information about her status.

 I was supposed to get a phone call this morning regarding whether the hospital would accept her or not.  As I was teaching in the executive ed. program all day, I could not answer the phone.  (I asked our staff to take the message on my cell, as I was off campus.)  

  We managed to get her hospitalized by arranging the special car with oxygen and she got the private room she wanted.  

  So I felt relieved as we managed to get her wish met.  When I visited her at the hospital this evening (under some time pressure, as I had prior commitment),  I found out that she wanted to go home!  I was totally at a loss as to what to do. 

  Then the doctor whom I talked last night for help and had kindly made arrangement told me that it was nothing special. He even offered some suggestions so that we could get some help at the hospital so that my father (and I) do not get exhausted caring for her.

  I felt such a big relief to hear that, first of all.  Then, watchng him talk with my mother, sometimes giving her assuarance, and also giving her definite answer of No,  made me realize that he is really a “professional.”  I was so impressed with his (and his team’s) professionalism  and felt that no matter what area you are in, the professionalism is great.  A day of stress, but a day of great learning!

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