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 Today, September 8, was the first day of Aikido fall term. (Featured photo is the one from last term.) I have been taking this course for many years and signed up for this term.  However, I did not recall when the term starts and I found out last night rather late.

We had two students (including me) and one instructor.  So it was like a private lesson.  The other student is in the 10th grade, so I assume he must be 17 or 18 years of age.  Practice with teenager is quite tough, but I survived.   I like Aikido very much and thus continue taking the class.

Even with 3 month break, I was OK.  I am sore and probably will be more sore tomorrow morning.  But Aikido requires concentration and we learn discipline.  It is also good to throw and get thrown, as I feel as if all the worries go away in the course of 1 hour practice.  I felt much better after the class and my energy was up.  (Right now, I am getting ready to go to bed….)

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