The world has been undergoing tremendous transformation, causing many uncertainties not only for politics, but for business and economy. Many industries have been disrupted and new business models are emerging almost every day with new set of issues.
Companies, in order to respond to global competition AND the recent tendency toward  protectionalism, have and will try a variety of means to survive and prosper. You hear news about mergers, acquisitions, restructuring of industries and companies.
What if the company you work for undergoes these transformations? How would you respond if your company merges with another big company, if your business is to be sold and/or to acquire another to be bigger player?
At our next session #46 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series, we will address this issue with people at Dow Chemical Japan at their office. Dow Chemical announced the plan to merge with DuPont December 2015. It is in the process to complete the merger procedure.
Not many people have experience of going through this type of major merger. Let us find out how people at Dow Chemical Japan sees it and how they embrace these changes.  I am sure we can learn a lot of lessons from them. The session will be held on Friday, March 24 at Dow Chemical Japan office. Details and registration is here. Please sign up now. You can look at the casual /interactive air of Davos.. last session here.