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IMG_8212 I came back from 2-week half work/half relaxing vacation in Kauai. The weather was much warmer than in Tokyo, though we had strong winds and occasional showers here and there. It was much more humid (now I realize in comparison to Tokyo, as towels and my hair did not dry up quickly while I was there!)
As I had two meetings and walked around Roppongi area today, I realized that I do love the big city like Tokyo. I also realized that I Do love brainstorming/discussion trying to develop plans etc.
IMG_8270In fact, I was getting a bit bored toward the end of the 2 weeks. Probably it was because I go to the same place every December in the past decade or so. I did teleconference four times while I was there and I appreciated the convenience, but face-to-face discussion and brainstorming adds more excitement when you are trying to do something new and creative.
It is quite interesting to note the difference between video/teleconferencing and face-to-face interactions. (I believe I felt that way more so today as the meetings were with new people and/or people I had not spent much time with before.)
So my tentative conclusion is : If you know the other party well from the previous meetings and collaboration, video/teleconferencing can be very effective and efficient way. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with the other party and/or have little sense of the culture/environment, face-to-face meeting needs to come first. Video/teleconference becomes something different.
IMG_8278In a way, it is similar to reading the book in paper form and reading the e-book. I cannot explain yet, but there is a difference between what you get from reading the “book” and reading e-book. e-book offers tremendous benefits, but it is different type of reading, it seems. I wonder what happens when people only know the one–i.e. teleconference/video conference and e-book reading…

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