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I tried beginner’s programming course for 8 weeks. It was the first time I made serious attempt to learn how to code (i.e. I made some investment in money and time, with latter much bigger than the former.)
 I learned tools and techniques from this course, but the bigger impact on me has been that I realized that “step by step””trial and error approach”, and NOT the approach to complete the codes and run, is the only way for this type of technical skills. I have mentioned many times at the workshop/seminar series that in today’s world with unprecedented changes mainly due to technologies, we need to prototype before we try to develop the complete products/service. I have had difficulty getting my message across, particularly to the Japanese audience, and  have wondered why.
 By learning how to code (very beginners level), I finally realized that writing several lines and run it step by step to ensure it works is the way to code (advice from my mentor). It finally sink in by doing it myself.
I also recall two incidents from which I have learned the importance of “learning by doing” and moreover, “prototyping.” One is that I myself have seen technical experts try various approaches when they encounter the problem or the bug. I had thought that these experts can identify the cause of the problem and start solving them right away. WRONG! I have seen many experts try this and that to figure out the source of the problem and then work on multiple ideas for solving them. So I realized that they do NOT always know the “Right Answer”.
The second incident which has led me to realize the multiple, and diverse approaches are needed today is international conferences I have attended.  At these conferences where experts in some fields gather to discuss global agenda etc., I have seen that experts do not agree as they have very different opinions and views regarding the some agenda.  I had thought that the world-renowned experts tend to agree on the issues and solutions, but I have seen/heard such different and diverse views on the same subject by the “world class experts.”  This experience has led me to believe that the world has been undergoing unprecedented transformation and traditional theories do not apply any more.

 From these experiences, I  I realized  that No single right answer exists today in many fields and we need to see, hear ourselves and think on our own.  This is not easy, but it definitely frees me from the “closed zone” of right answers seeking.

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