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I arrived at JFK little before noon and came direct to Manhattan by car.  My room was not ready (check in tie is at 3:00 pm) and I went to the discount ticket place at Lincoln Center. Unlike December when long lines were going outside of the building, it was little better, but many people were waiting to buy ticket.  After waiting for 40 minutes or so, I managed to buy ticket to the show The Prom.  I checked shows before I left Tokyo and tried to decide between the Prom and the Network.  I asked my friends at Theatre group Shiki about their suggestions and found that the Prom is directed by the team who did Aladdin.    So I was leaning toward this show. It is relatively easy to find single ticket at the last minute and I was able to get one. (fourth row a bit on the left hand side)

After checking in and nap for 2 hours or so, I went to sports club to do some workout and went to Broadway.  The show was wonderful.  It was classic in style (contrasted with the recent innovative and creative kinds such as Hamilton), but the topic/message is very current, with great scripts and very well acted.  We laughed so much and felt like crying at the same time.  No wonder its review is good and we gave overwhelming standing ovation.

I was so inspired and excited and came home.  It was an ideal way to spend the first day in NYC!

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