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“What are you passionate about?”  This is the question that came to my mind this morning. It caught my attention and has not gone away. The question was triggered when I was listening to the podcast news this morning about the African American ballerina who became the first soloist at the well known American Ballet Theater.  The story tells how she began at the basket ball court rather than ballet school and has become one of the top ballerina.

When asked, she said “I have never been more passionate about anything else (than ballet)…”  and she went on to show that “anything is possible” to the teenagers at the school she began by showing the real example of herself.

I was struck by not only her courage, perseverance and dedication to ballet and the younger generation, but also by her sustained passion about ballet.  I felt this passion is what has driven her to the present status.

Then the question came to my mind.  Am I still passionate about what I am doing?  I need to revisit the question and think it over.  If I am not passionate about what I do as I used to be, I need to think about the reasons behind it and do something about it.

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