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Aya Kayaoka whom I interviewed as a part of GAS talk series the other day kindly sent me the link to video entitled “Rebuilding Singapore” by the Prime Minister of Singapore.  During the talk I did,  she talked about what kind of country Singapore is in her view and discussed the speech recently made by the Prime Minister.  I was very impressed with her view of the country she is now based and i particular,  her respect of the leaders and people of the country.  This is a short video of Prime Ministers speech she talked about in the GAS talk series #6.

During the past several months, I have watched/listened to several webinars on the subject of Leadership at the time of crisis.  My take away has been, “Leaders need to communicate with the people as a human being,, with message of  picture after the crisis so that people do not lose hope and despair,  but state the facts as they are ,without painting rosy picture not supported by scientific facts.  After all, the leaders need to communicate with people with honesty, sincerity and integrity.

I often thought I could tell the authenticity of leaders when I saw many heads of state at international conference.  At the time of crisis like now, the true personality and ability of leaders is revealed so clearly.  Here is the video of the speech.

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