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Have you heard of Whale Shark?  It is called JINBEI ZAME in Japanese, and huge shark of certain kind. It is the favorite of  the leader of the project Inoca we will introduce at our next SINCA start-up session on May 31.  I did not know anything about it, before I met him.  I did not even know how they call it in English or in Japanese.  Y. Takakura, who will present his vision on May 31 will show you what whale shark is and what he wants to do with it.

Whether you used to keep fish etc. when you were very young, you are concerned about the ocean (which is one of the global agenda which has caught attention these days), or you simply like fish to eat (good source of protein and low calorie), come join us to find out what whale shark is on May 31.  Here is the link for details and registration.

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