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This evening (April 12), the reception organized by the World Economic Forum was held at Imperial Hotel with Prof. Klaus Schwab and Makiko Eda, head of Japan WEF office. I attended at the last minute (I found out about an hour and a half before the reception started!). It was nice to see some old friends -Prof. & Mrs. Schwab whom I have not seen lately, other business leaders representing Japanese business community. What was nice was that there were quite a few young people-young global leaders and global shapers there.
I see a group of young people -entrepreneurs etc. at different occasions –for example, St. Gallen Club of Japan reception this last Monday, etc. I also had a chance to talk with Mrs. Paroz. Ambassador of Switzerland,  I met Monday.
It is also exciting to hear that the center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will open in Japan soon. I would like to find out more….

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