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Today, June 2, Japan meeting organized by the World Economic Forum was held at Nicofarre, Roppongi. It was the first time that Nicofarre was selected as a venue. I was given the opportunity to moderate two sessions-one in the morning on the Gender Gap and the other in the afternoon on the Social System and Infrastructure.

Professor Schwab and other members of the Forum were there to mark the second Japan Meeting after last year.  It was very good opportunity to review the progress of Abenomics and to plan the next steps to make sure that the new policies will bring about tangible results.

10317799_10203783438041942_6057554856899968963_oThere were 6 sessions altogether in the form of interactive discussions, before the Closing Panel with the Prime Minister Abe. I thought it was very interesting to use the facilities of Nicofarre and to have participants overseas join us via video conference.

Overall, it went quite well (we had several rehearsals to make sure technical preparations.
I had a good time moderating two sessions, though I had a few things that I learned and would like to improve next time.

This marks the series of important events over the past few days. I will participate in the private meeting tomorrow, but I am relieved!

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