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Yesterday and today (i.e. this weekend) was relatively quiet, compared with the series of activities during the week.  I felt quite relaxed, as I was able to spend time doing my own thing. My own thing here means, 1) online tech course which I am taking (I just finished week 2 of 16 week course) 2) concert of my favorite artists and 3) time with my Dad at his senior residence.

I was falling behind the online tech course and was getting nervous (I remembered how pressured  I felt during the programming course for beginners I took in April). Though my To do list had the Tech practice as item to do that day almost everyday this past week, I was busy preparing for shareholder meetings, preparatory meeting for new initiatives and promotion of the seminar scheduled on Friday.    In addition for this course,  we have personal mentor session twice a week, I felt I was even more under pressure.  Finally, on Friday, I was able to spend block of time reading text and finished one of the two assignments.  Saturday was the same as I spent hours to review text and  finish the other assignment.  Personal mentor session on Saturday was very helpful and some of the questions I had in mind were explained in much clearer way than in the text book.   As I passed both assignment by Saturday afternoon, I was able to enjoy the concert. by Mariko Takahashi & Henry Band.

I caught up with my online tech training and actually enjoyed spending hours this morning.  I started enjoying writing the code. I hope this spirit will continue.  Another item on Sunday list was dinner with my father at his senior residence.  He seemed to be in good spirit with good appetite this evening, so I am happy.  We have three more hours before Japan game at World Cup.  I plan to stay up…

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