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I spent this weekend at Gibson, Sunshine coast with my friend  Ayuko from high school. Last year I met her first time after so many decade after we graduated from high school, found out that she lives in Canada, and visited her last summer for the first time.  Since then, I went to spend some time in Tuscany last fall, met her to have dinner in Tokyo when she came back this spring.  As we meet more often now, our conversation has shifted quite a bit from catching up since we graduated last summer, to the world affairs and technology etc.  it is quite interesting to compare and contrast how we see Japan, technology, Canada, UK etc. toady.  We talk quite extensively about technology and aging issues as well.

Over the weekend, we walked around on trail, beach etc. a lot (this is after the hiking and trail country) , drank beer with dinner of salmon, pork etc. at her place.  It was very quiet and relaxing.  I asked how people who live in Sunshine coast spend every day. It is such a different lifestyle and as such, good opportunity for me to realize how different lifestyle people lead.  We were very fortunate as the weather was gorgeous and no smoke from forest fire.

After spending 2 days, I took ferry to come back to Horseshoe Bay, picked up my car and suit case at the shopping mall on the way to Vancouver, returned the rental car and now at the hotel at Vancouver airport terminal.    I am off to fly back to Tokyo after 2. 5 weeks in British Columbia.

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