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daylimcolmLincolnFriday evening in New York City was rather quiet as I had dinner at my stepson’s place without concert or shows for a change. I had lunch with my friends from New Jersey near Lincoln Center and spent the afternoon playing with three grand kids with ball.   We also had Halloween decorations of ghosts and pumpkins.

Saturday started with the visit at the gym, but it was getting too cold and my lower back started hurting so much. (I had so much pain probably sleeping so many hours on the flight, running on the hard surface at the Central Park in the cold weather and sleeping in rather soft bed. )   I started suffering as I had a hard time getting up and sitting down.

Because it was so painful, I took pain killer and used heating pad.  As it took effect, I started feeling a bit better and could move around. (In the morning, I had a hard time even moving around.)  I think having some wine for the first time since I arrived in New York the night before made it worse.

For dinner, all 8 of us went out together, to celebrate my other stepson’s birthday.  Food was great and we had fun.  Then three of us (birthday stepson and his girlfriend) rushed to the Lincoln Center to hear New York Philharmonic. I love this concert hall and we enjoyed the music  very much.  Last night  in New York was coming to close.   Fun filled and relaxing 5 days in New York is over.  How lucky I am!

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