p1000852.JPG   Last Saturday, September 20, I had a chance to watch the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament at Ariake. I saw two semi final singles and one semi-final doubles. It has been over a decade since I watched the tennis tournament live (US Open which is held just outside of NYC in September is one of my favorite tournaments I watch on TV.)  I was absolutely amazed at the power and speed of the play!

  It was a beautiful, sunny day after the typhoon was gone. The first semi-final went on for over two hours and it was a good match. I was very impressed with the physical stamina of the players who could play in the sun for over two hours. I was also impressed with the strong will to win the match. It is quite inspiring to see the players who are so physically fit and mentally tough.  

  On my way to Ariake, I ran into one of our ICS alumni (this is the second time in two weeks after Starbucks in Manhattan!) . As we were going to the same direction, we talked for a while. It was nice to find out how he is doing.

  The next day, Sunday, was the first Aikido class for me this year. It has been over three months since I took the class. I was shocked as I forgot many things. Aikido movement is very natural and it follows very smoothly if you do it right. But my body must have forgotten all the smooth movement and I had to think about the next move, how to grip etc. etc.   It was nice toward the end of 1-hour class, some of the movement came back and I started feeling quite natural and smooth. It definitely is a great way to learn how to concentrate.   But a few hours later, my body ached.   The next morning was even worse. I was a bit surprised as I continued my exercise routine over the summer and yet, I was still so sore. I suppose we use different muscles for Aikido.