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IMG_0815I went away to Sunshine coast with my friends over the weekend.  As last year, we met(there were six of us) at the ferry terminal (It was little less than 100 km from my place in Whistler to the ferry terminal) and went over to Landale.  Ferry ride is some 40 minutes and was very nice.  Sunshine coast is on the mainland (i.e. not Vancouver island), but the only way to get there is by ferry.  As last year, we stopped at the microbrewery and sampled four different kinds IMG_0816of beer. This place became very popular and was crowded with many people.  (You can buy beer and bring it in big bottles.)  We tried cider (alcohol 5.5%) which was very good, too.

Then we drove to the cabin, unpacked and started our happy hour.  (I brought Sake and some dry snack such as smoked octopus. We kept Sake for the second day, but tried dry snack with wine.)   We then walked to the restaurant by the lake which was very crowded. All of us were so hungry and thus, food was very good with wine.  We were feeling great when we walked back to the cabin in a dark. The party went on at the cabin, while I and my friend who drove all the way went bed little after 10:00 pm.  It was the nice way to kick off the fun weekend.  We were like high school kids with giggles, jokes and were quite loud!

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