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This afternoon I went to see Phantom of Opera by Shiki Theatre Group at KAAT. Today was the first performance at the new theatre. I have seen Phantom a few times, both in Tokyo and at Broadway and have always been impressed with the music.
Today was no exception, and I also liked how story -rather complicated one when you listen very closely- is developed, how well organised the stage and scenes are, in addition to the spectacular music. I loved having the orchestra there, too.
On Tuesday, I had dinner with my friends I got to know through performing arts and music, so this week (after long weekend) started with the nice talk on the subject of music and art and ended with the fabulous performance.
In the middle of the week, I wrote a column and gave a short talk on information and media. I wrote the column for the 120th Anniversary Special for the Japan Times and gave a talk on how to make best use of news and information in the “post-truth” era at Nikkei Hall as a part of Nikkei Electronics Pro version launch.
Another topic was planning of Global Agenda Seminar 2017 with meeting with the potential clients and the session #46 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Dow Chemical Japan last night.
I had a bit of scare in the middle as I felt dizzy (which is very unusual for me) one morning and suspected it might be caused by the fall I made when practising Aikido techniques. After the seminar at Nikkei Hall which I did OK, I got a bit scared and went to ER at night. CT showed no issue and I came home late. Encourage with this finding, I went to Aikido class this morning! All in all, it was the week (though short one) with many events…

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