IMG_4669 As it is now TGIF, I tried to review & reflect my activities this past week. Here is the list:
Sunday- 3-hr Exec. ed. workshop
Monday-Prep. meetings for Davos… series
Tuesday- Meeting for my new website
Attended talk by Paul Polman, Global CEO of Unilever organized by British Chamber of Commerce at Tokyo American Club.
Wednesday-Gave a talk on New Work Style for corporate seminar
Moderated the panel on gender diversity at the Netherlands Ambassador’s residence(Photo on the left)
Mewboard KFLPIMG_4681Thursday-Ran 2 hr workshop w undergrad students from various countries
Attended HBS event for Mr. Izumo of Euglena(Two photos on the left)
Friday (today!)- Lunch w assistants
Meeting for HR compensation. Prep meeting for GAS 2015.

English & Japanese mixed and topics are quite diverse. I have packets of name cards and I could not even remember why I have name card of the person of the translation services this morning. It was for the workshop on Sunday!

This evening, I will host #23 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.

Some memorable remarks–“Behavioral change is what makes it happen.” (P. Polman) “Values of the younger generation is definitely changing.”(K. Matsui) “Meeting w researchers and talking with them re: details made a difference.” (M. Izumo)