I attended the second weapons class of Aikido today.  Last week was the first time and I could not get the right posture, not relaxed and thus, my arm was so sore for a few days after the class.  (I even hit the finger of my partner so hard by mistake. I felt so bad.)

As I practiced a bit over the week at home (though I realized how low our ceilings are by doing it!), I am used to the movement better this week.  (At least, I was not totally confused with warm-up and some simple Suburi.)

When we started practicing with a partner, I got very confused.  I am still not sure about which side I should go etc. etc.  As in regular Aikido, you follow natural movement and when done properly, the move flows.  But I was so stiff and had to think about my next move, I had a hard time following.  In particular, my writs are so stiff that I could not move them smoothly.

I hope that I will be able to move naturally and feel relaxed some day.  All I can do is to practice so that  I can get my body move.  (Right now I have to think about the movement, and then tell my body to do so, which is often quite difficult!)

It is a challenge to try something new, but it is also exciting. (Hopefully, my arm is not as sore tomorrow as last week!)