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Shiseido where I serve as external director is awarded WCD Visionary award for Leadership & Governance for public company by Women Corporate Directors, global organization of women corporate directors.  I have been a member of WCD since Japan Chapter was established several years ago.  This is one of the initiatives to promote women empowerment and diversity.

I participated as one of the panelists at Global Institute held in New York in 2015.  At the panel, I did not discuss Shiseido as the topic was new market expansion and technology.  (I talked about Nissin Foods and Lifenet Insurance where I served as external director then.)

Visionary Award is the highlight of the Global Institute usually held for a few days in New York (lately it is also held in Silicon Valley and other places, I hear.) It would have been such a festive occasion if not Covid-19.  Award ceremony was held virtually.  In addition to the comment by M. Uotani, CEO of Shiseido, who received the award virtually, I was given an opportunity to make comments.

Japan as a whole is not making progress in diversity, according to the Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum, for example, and for SDGs ranking for Japan, gender diversity is one of the goals Japan is behind.

So this award for Shiseido is very significant, as it shows clearly that not all in Japan is behind in terms of diversity.  Here is the link to the announcement on Visionary award and comment by Mr. Uotani and myself on Shiseido website.

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