Many people seem to avoid watching themselves in video of their presentation and/or interviews. I usually do watch myself whenever there is a video available and I have time. (It is often possible.) It is because it is one of the best ways to develop/improve your skills.
Particularly when the session is in English, I have double load of hearing/speaking in English, which is my second language AND of following/managing the flow/say something of substance.
Unless I follow the prepared presentation with slides (which does not happen often these days), I need to be on my toes while the session is on, and thus I barely remember what I said and how I said. Sometimes I get confused whether it is what I said during the session, or before the session when we discussed, OR what I was preparing myself.
So it helps me to watch video of my own performance.While watching,  I notice I tend to use the same words, such as “so forth” (in Japanese, I notice the words I use so often that is distracting!). I did not respond to the questions etc. etc.
It is much easier to notice how I say and what I say if I watch myself on video. I can see specific mistakes I make such as not responding to the question right away and can think of better way of doing.  Recently, I noticed that I started by explaining the background (almost too much) before I responded to the question raised.  What I should have done was to respond with short answer, Yes or No with brief explanation, AND then explain the background.   This is how  I can make sure that I do not make same mistakes for the next round.
When there is no video/audio and you feel that you did not make yourself clear, what do I do? I feel disappointed for a while, but then forget about it and try to improve next time around. (but not on facts!)
It also helps to watch some great interviews/panel etc. and analyze how it is constructed and why I like it so much.

I think it is important that you develop your skills   by watching yourself and learning from those whom you like. I do NOT think there is ONE RIGHT/PERFECT interviews for everyone. You need to develop your own style.