Strange thing happened while I was at Davos. One night when I was sound asleep at the hotel room, I heard somebody come into my room to fix something.  I said “I am here” or something (it is rather tough to say something decent in English when you are tired from all the events and excitement!)  and the two people who obviously (I thought) worked for the hotel said that they were in the wrong room and left.  I went back to sleep and thought it was just a mistake.

The next morning, the door to my room had the key in the keyhole, as I had done the night before.  I was quite sure that the incident was REAL, but I was not sure whether it was or not.  I locked the room from inside with the key in the keyhole, as the hotel room was not auto-lock or had no chain.

So that was the mystery of my stay in Davos.  I am still not sure whether it was real or not.  I had no dream while at Davos every night (as I was sound asleep) and felt sure that the incident had happened.  I rushed out the next morning to make it to the breakfast meeting at 7:00 a.m., so I did not bother asking the man at the front desk.  So I will keep it as a mystery!