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I made a short business trip to Canberra, Australia, leaving late Friday night and coming back early Tuesday morning- attending CALForum 17 for almost 2 out of 3 days, and getting back in time for shareholder meeting and other meetings in Tokyo. I realize that you need to be physically and mentally tough to attend the Forum where distinguished people attend  AND to go from the north hemisphere in early summer to south hemisphere where winter is starting.
With time difference of 1 hour which is not too bad, red eye flights both ways takes some out of you even though I can sleep well on the plane. Meeting with new people in new setup requires some energy.

You need to deliver on the panel/discussion you are invited for AND to carry out conversation with people on social occasions-shuttle and lunch/dinner tables. Day is long as sessions start early in the morning and end late into the night. Reception before dinner meant for informal networking requires you to take an initiative and talk with the people. I was the only Japanese invited to the CALForum 17 this time and did not know anybody there.

As such it reminded me of my first exposure to the international conferences some 2 decades ago where I had no idea where to sit for dinner, whether my remarks were relevant to the topic of discussion and I could not sense the reactions then. Nervousness I felt then came back to me this time. After all 2 decades is a long time and my energy level may be lower despite my daily workout!
So it challenged my physical & mental stamina. I do appreciate the opportunity I was given and plan to make best of them whenever I am given the privilege. Being exposed to something new and feeling somewhat lost at newness keeps you stimulated and excited. It is what life is all about.

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