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This coming Wednesday, April 18, we will host the Global Agenda Seminar Special Session #2 at Roppongi Academy Hills. The topic this time is “Exponential Technology.” Our guest speaker, Jovan Rebolledo, will explain what they are and I will join him facilitating the interactive session with the audience.
We recently hear this term often, but it is rather difficult to explain what it is in simple terms.
Exponential is also often used in association with Singularity, which is another term which might be difficult to grasp. In fact, “Singularity” was the digital term fewest number of readers of Nikkei were able to explain, according to Nikkei Plus1 this last Saturday, April 14.
As I wanted to find out more about Exponential, I searched on the web. Some references I came up are Introduction to Exponential Function by Khan Academy, Exponential Japan where Jovan serves as president, and SingularityHub where many interesting topics are listed.
This year, we have covered more technology related topics both for Global Agenda Seminar series and for Davos Experience in Tokyo series which I host. (We did Blockchain this last Friday.)
Why not join us on April 18 and find out a bit more about them. I have asked Jovan to walk us through so that those who have very little knowledge about Exponential and/or Singularity could catch up. Let us learn these new things which may open up the totally new world together! For details and registration, go to this site.(If you scroll down, you can see explanation in English.)

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