Are you interested in Big Data?  Data has been the hot topic these days, whether we discuss surveillance, data disclosure, use of our own data etc.  We may not realize it, but we are sending incredible amount of data ourselves every second!

Do you want to find out what’s new about data? Do you want to discuss how we should balance the benefit/convenience we can receive by data analysis etc.  and the security/privacy?

It is my understanding that the world today is evolving every second, offering great potential  for us whether as customers of a variety of services and/or starting new business.  At the same time, we are faced with the issues we have NOT experienced before, which  could scare us.

Join us at #10 session  of Davos Experience in Tokyo on Friday, December 13, to find out more about these issues and think about the value and implications of Big Data and Analytics.   Check our website for details, vote yes or no to the question “Will Big Data change our society?” and make your comments.  Register either real or online for the event on December 13.  We will be looking forward to seeing you in 10 days!