What image do you have when you hear the word, “hacker?”  Trouble maker? or fun-loving people?  I heard there are two types of hackers–the bad ones and the good ones. I met with one “good” hacker few years ago at Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. He shared with us many different things he could do (hack!), some of which were beyond my imagination then. (Some of them may be so common by now!)

What I recall most of his talk was as follows: “People try to figure out what functions the product is supposed to perform. Hackers try to think what they can do w the product.” It was eye-opening remarks for me as I belong to the generation who “try to read instructions and usually give up!”

On Feb. 20 at #23 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series, you can be a GOOD HACKER and figure out what you can make two products we have to do.  Two products are THEATA, 360 degree digital camera and RingU, ring that lets you communicate over distance with touch. You can even develop a marketing plan based upon the hacking idea you have.

Are you up for this? Check details, register at our website and join us!