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We often discuss volatility of stock market and stock prices.  The term “volatility” at least to me is associated with these financial market movement.  However, the extreme weather change that has been happening could be another example of “volatility?”, I wonder.  The weather in New York in the past several days is just that.  Right before I arrived on Friday, the temperature was in 80s or higher, typical end of summer weather.  When I arrived Friday evening, it was down to 70s and I felt it was cooler than I had expected.

From then on, the temperature has come down to 60s and 50s and in some parts, even to 40s, I hear.  All of a sudden, people dressed for summer -short pants and T shirt- and those for fall/winter-wearing coat and even down jacket- can be seen next to each other, walking on the streets.  Three storms including Florence which can become Category 4 hurricane are also approaching southwestern part of the US.

Typhoon hit western part of Japan lately, causing big damage to the Kansai airport (in addition to the earthquake that hit the northern most island of Hokkaido) is one of the series of typhoons which have hit Japan this season.

I myself am waiting for the warm weather to come back as I am NOT quite ready for the down jacket weather in NYC. We will see how next few days turn out.

In the US, not only the weather, but also the politics has been in considerable chaos,  with volatile feelings in the mind of leader, it seems.  However, there seems little volatility among Trump supporter base, I hear.  Probably something do not change that easily…

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