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 SINCA Startup session will be held on Friday, May 31 at 100BANCH in Shibuya. (photo on the left)   ≈

We also introduce Startup in Estonia, which has been attracting much attention in Japan lately.  Estonia has many more things to offer, in addition to Startup ecosystem, such as eResidency and pioneering block chain.  But for this session, we will focus on overview of Estonia and latest landscape for Start-ups.

I will be visiting Estonia in a week for the first time, and am very excited about the trip.  (While I was teaching Competitiveness course at ICS, Hitotsubashi, I taught the case of Estonia many times.) I have been very interested in the application of technology, to government activities there, as we can learn a lot from their experience.  As you may have seen in Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the Japan X Estonia Digital Government Forum  is scheduled in the middle of June among other things.  We will have Mr. Makoto Suhara, special assistant to the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia as our main guest.  Together with Tsubasa Kato, community manager of 100BANCH, we hope to have exciting and inspiring discsussion.

We will also feature Inoca (changed from Innoqua), one of the projects at 100BANCH during brainstorming session. We welcome your ideas to help Inoca.

You can find details here.  For registration, go to this site. As it is a hot topic, I encourage you to register soon before tickets are sold out.

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