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As I wrote earlier on this blog, I am scheduled to conduct discussion/brainstorming session at Vital Japan on Saturday, September 21.  Yasu Oda who hosts this series has been a great help for us through Global Agenda Seminar and SINCA series.

The date, September 21,  was selected as it was the only date that I could do out of the ones offered, but I realize it is the first day of the long weekend!

Who wants to come to seminar in Tokyo on the first day of long weekend when the weather must be great for family get togethers etc.?  I have been thinking what I can do to those who decided to come to the seminar as they deserve special “something.” I have NOT quite figured out what this “Special something” could be, but I will explore further.

The topic of the Vital Japan discussion is “100 year life, how would you respond?” which finally has attention of the younger people. (It used to be the distant topic which has nothing to do with the younger generation, but it is becoming reality more so for the youth, as many of them are expected to live until 100!   I would love to discuss how people seem to respond to this issue, from my experience of having many contacts with people leading different lifestyle beyond national boundaries.

One of them is Dai Fujikura, composer/producer who is based in London and has become world renowned creator, whom we will have as guest speaker at our SINCA vol. 12 session the day before, on Friday, September 20.  (In fact, I saw the show by Tsuyoshi Tane, another young architect, at Japan House in Sao Paulo.) I also plan to share things I find overseas, but not in Japan (mainly news on what is happening in the world.)

I would also like to share how you stay creative and try many things to enrich your life. (There is NO point of waiting until you hit the retirement age. I strongly encourage people to try things NOW so that you know yourself what you like (and what you do not like.)  Join us on Saturday, September 21, for the free brainstorming to develop interesting/fun ideas, by unleashing your creativity. All of us are born creative! For facebook event, go to this site, and for details of Vital Japan on Sept. 21, here it is.


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