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Yesterday, March 9, I went to visit Open House of Rekimoto Lab at Unversity of Tokyo.  I have been very interested in Prof. Jun Rekimoto’s activities (I have heard him speak on a few occasions and have read very insightful chapter of the recent book by Sony CSL.)

When I found out about the Open House, I decided to go, though I had little idea of what to expect.  (It has been a while since I have been to this type of event.)

His main theme is Human Augmentation and many exhibits show variety of ways to augment human capabilities.  The main concept is Jack in and Jack out. (which I do not fully understand, but somewhat guess.)

 I found many exhibits intriguing though I have no idea about how technically they are designed.  I particularly liked Sotto Voce and Bubble, both of which I find I need now.  (I am losing voice and the doctor told me that it is due to ageing of vocal chord!)  I also have lost completely free movement of my left wrist (I feel it in Aikido class!) and often found I have difficulty opening the lid/cap of the glass containers. These symptoms come with ageing and now they are close to my heart!

I also like several exhibits to help/support people when they learn something new-whether it is the language, sports, or some movements.

The underlying concept of many of the exhibits, as I understand, is kind and gentle approach to help/support people with technology.  It is very impressive, I thought, to see variety of ways to augment human capability with underlying purpose to help/support all the people, regardless.

I could be completely off in understanding the purpose, but I was very impressed and felt such warmth and kindness in their attempt.

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