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Last week, I had an opportunity to visit ANA Flight Crew Training Center near Haneda.  I visited their maintenance center  with my seminar students last year and we had a great time watching huge airplanes. (They are so huge when you see them near.)

Now I was given another opportunity to find more about airline business.  I took two of my seminar students (first year) and we learned a lot about the training the people at airlines go through.

I love flying and was very much looking forward to the opportunity.  The experience was fabulous as we had a chance to see the facilities and saw many people.  I was particularly impressed with the fact that every ANA person we ran into in the hall (of the maze!) said Hello in a very friendly way.   We even saw the pool which is used for the emergency evacuation from the plane in the ocean.  (I never knew that the air shoot-“pneumatic dispatch” according to the dictionary- serves as a boat.)

We also heard about the type of training programs pilots and flight crew go through.  We were fortunate to have three pilots–one just starting, one in action now and the other retired–showing us around and answering questions.

We learned that pilots are required to go through various tests almost every six month including physical and flight simulator.

I was very impressed to hear  that the critical qualification for pilots is  “Never give up” mentality.   It is such a responsibility to fly  planes with hundreds of people on board.  I always have had respect for pilots (they look so PROFESSIONAL!) but from now I will appreciate their discipline more.   What a fun morning!

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