This morning, I visited my  98 year old Dad at his senior residence.  I heard from care team that recently he has trouble chewing and prefers something soft.  So I made egg custard (Japanese style with seaweed) with chicken meatball and crabmeat omelette.  I also brought some kiwi fruits.  When I went to his room, he was lying in bed and said that he has pain in his chest.  I was worried, but talked with him and tried my KI (power) to make his pain go away.  It did not quite work, as he felt pain when I tried to touch him. (I put my hand on top of his hand so that he may get some of my Ki power,.  We talked and it seemed his mind was fine.

I stayed with him for a while and then came home to do GAS talk series with Tokutaro Hiramoto, one of the GAS participants in 2010. (Featured photo is from the interview I did in April last year at the time of SINCA on SDGs).  His talk was very interesting and I am excited to edit his interview (my task for next several days.)  We talked both in English and Japanese and I learned many new things.   I enjoy this GAS Talk series very much as I can tell what kind of exciting and inspiring career/life they pursue.  I will post the video when I finish editing.   So stay tuned.