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  Most of the work I did this past week would not have been possible without the benefit of Information Communication and Technology.

  The first was a virtual forum I chaired for ewoman. It is an interesting attempt which has gone on for quite some time. (This is the third time I chaired.) There are six topic areas including career, news, money & legal, body, society and active life for the Virtual Forum.(Unfortunately all is in Japanese.) 

   Every week, for each topic area, a chair asks a question which can be answered Yes or NO. We start a series on Monday and every day, the topic area is ranked, depending upon the number of responses we get. The ratio of Yes and No responses is also shown online real time. The respondents (I believe anybody can access and respond) answers with either Yes or No and also make comments about the question. (The chair posts the question and the background, objective etc. on Monday so that people will know what we are looking for.)    

  Each evening around 6 o’clock, the chair receives several sample comments and the number of Yes and No votes. Based upon the ratio and the comments, the chair writes several paragraphs to lead the discussion. After four rounds of these interactions, we write summary which is post Friday morning. 

  This time, my question was “Have you ever taken any action to leave the company you work for?” To my surprise, the ratio of Yes was around 85% throughout the week. (I usually like the question which will have close to 50/50 split. For example, for the survey I chaired last year, I asked the question, “Do you have unique selling point in business?” The answer was about 50/50 split and I learned a lot about how people view their own uniqueness.  This time, there were many more YES responses. Though I had four busy days to write about 800 words to lead the discussion each day, the result was very interesting. Unfortunately the survey was done in Japanese. 

  The second activity I felt the benefit of ICT was the announcement of African Christmas to celebrate the first anniversary of Table for Two.  I managed to get some people attend the event by posting the announcement on my blog.  The event was very lively with some 200 people! It was very nice to see this type of activity initiated and carried by the young people. (There were quite a few students helping as volunteer.)  I could not stay too long (as I am very much pressed for time now), but I met with several people I know, met with new people through my friends etc. After all, it is a Small world! Blog can help getting people to find out about the event like this. I think it is wonderful!.

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