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On October 6, I am scheduled to give a talk online. After giving productivity talk at APO a while ago, I am to serve as a resource person for the APO Digital Multi- country Program on Training of Trainers, This program is hosted by Indonesia.

This is the closed session for some 40 members and thus there is no link etc.  I wanted to share the information, however.  We(APO staff and I)  will have preparation meeting early next week so that I get some information on the status, needs and issues they face.

I recall Asian countries were in much better shape than the advanced economies including US and Europe when I gave a talk on productivity of service sector.  As Covid-19 has continued much longer, affecting the economy of Asian countries, than we expected, new issues have emerged, I believe.  It will be a challenge to stay resilient and to maintain positive outlook, but we will try to find some ideas.  After all, facing the problem forces us to think hard to develop creative and innovative ideas.

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