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As today (Friday, December 29) is the last day for me in Hong Kong AND it is such a warm sunny day, I decided to follow suggestion by Seewon. I went to Peak tram station to get on the tram to go up to the Peak, No. 1 sightseeing spot in Hong Kong. I had to wait for about half an hour as many others had the same idea, but it was worth it.
Tram ride itself was rather short, but the view was magnificent. I took Seewon’s advice and walked down. (I did not know that hiking is a big thing in Hong Kong, probably try more next time.) I still get lost quite easily, but made it back.
It has been a good trip and I have enjoyed it very much. It was such bonus that I got to meet with my friends who happened to be based in Hong Kong and Seewon, as I made no plans beforehand. Here is a short video with voice over in English of my visit to the Peak. Enjoy!

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