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caseyOn Friday, April 22, we hosted the session #36 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series focusing on a variety of career options with Casey Wahl as our guest speaker.
IMG_9666The video is now available for you to watch what we found out. Video consists of 4 parts– 1) Before session (2 minutes) my interview with Casey 2) After session (5 minutes) My interview with two participants who came to Davos.. for the first time, 3) Opening & talk (30 minutes) where I introduced the session and asked participants to share their personal experience of failure and/or their aptitude for start up and 4) presentation from each of 8 groups of the discussion they had and closing.
Please take a look via this link. Our next session will be on Friday, May 27 on a bit different topic of what we learn from local village where population is decreasing quickly.  For details and registration, follow this link.

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