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image (2)As Quick report indicated, session #28 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series held at Hewlett Packard Japan, we addressed broad and complex issues of Africa—various conflicts, effective and efficient use of rich natural resources, lack of employment, shortage of human capital, recurring human rights violations, etc. We attempted to discuss how corporations/private sector, social entrepreneurs and consumers can perceive these issues to make a step toward their resolution.

Specifically, we saw presentation by Yoko Nagashima (photo above) of initiatives by Hewlett Packard to address the issue of “conflict minerals” using their technology, and story of origin and development of andu amet, design and manufacture of fashion items by using the sheep skin from Ethiopia.
IMG_6302In small breakout sessions, we discussed how we could raise the public awareness of these issues as a starter to the specific action.
Video consists of Opening Talk (34 minutes) showing presentations of HP’s story by Yoko Nagashima and that of andu amet by Hiroko Samejima, and Presentation & Closing (34 minutes) showing report back from 7 groups & guest speakers’ comments.
There are two brief video (3-5 minute each) of interviews before and after the session. They are in Japanese & English, while others are all in English. Brief summaries in English accompany all of them. Here is the link to the video.

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