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I uploaded my brief video doing quick report of session 22 of Davos Experience in Tokyo Series on January 23 several days ago. Now the video of the session is available, together with the summary.

Part 1 of video shows my welcome and Ken Endo’s presentation.  (little over 30 min.) and Part 2 shows report back from each breakout groups and general remarks at the end (50 min. a bit long)  You can take a look at some portions of the video you find interesting.

For those who attended the session, video & summary reminds you of the session and may serve as  a review. For those who did NOT attend, this may give you the idea what we tried to do, based upon Dr. Ken Endo’s inspiring presentation. You can scroll down and find out the background of the session under Announcement. Do send us comments regarding how breakout sessions should proceed etc. like button at the bottom.

The next session of “Davos.. in Tokyo” series is scheduled for February 20. For this upcoming session, we want YOU to develop creative/crazy ideas for the products already made (without much thought on marketing?) For details and registration, follow this link.

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