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Following up yesterday’s blog entry, here is the Part 3 and 4 of 4 part video of SINCA x Code Chrysalis Session on July 26. After the introduction of background and importance of other skills than coding, need for pair work, Yan starts the main content of programming.  In Video Part 3(12 minutes),  she asks what program is to the participants (most of them have no experience in coding) and uses the example of Maze to explain what program is.  She does such an excellent job of explaining the main concepts and steps in simple language.  She engaged participants asking questions and getting their reactions.

In Part 4 of the video(15 minutes), she explains various languages of coding and shows us how to read Java Script that Code Chrysalis recommends.  Even you did not participate in the session, by watching this 4 part video, you can get the rough idea of what coding is and will find it fun. For those who participated in the session, this will bring back the fun memory of the session and may encourage you to learn more about coding during the summer.  In the afternoon of Monday, August 12, Code Chrysalis holds the information session in Japanese. Here is the info. on the facebook if you are interested.

You can watch the video here. You can also find them on Sinca Tokyo website.

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