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On Valentine’s Day we hosted SINCA #2 for the year 2021.  It was a special session as we invited high school students.  It was by far the largest group of participants (401).  You can find the background of how and why we involved high school students from these blog entries.

We asked two sets of questions-one to regular? business people and the other to high school students. I myself thought about the question raised for regular people (you can find it here). As it was the first time we invited high school students, I was a bit nervous as to how we proceed.  It turned out to be very interesting and exciting session.

In video Part 1, I started the session explaining how breakout sessions are conducted and then we have several students sharing their impressions of the session after the session.  I am very happy that many students shared their impression and their interest to join this type of session again. We will post Video Part 2 as soon as I finish editing.

Here is the video.  Enjoy!

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