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On Sunday, January 17, we hosted  the first SINCA online session for the year 2021, as reported as Quick Report.  We tried a different format of “role play” this time and tried interview practice.  Many of us have some experience of interview for job, for program participation etc. etc.  Some of us who do some marketing activities, do interview clients and/or prospective customers for marketing purposes.  For these interviews, we can prepare interview guide which describes  background, hypotheses and list of questions to ask.  In other words, we can prepare before hand.  It is also important to write interview notes after the interview so that we can summarize the conclusion, with supporting evidence and data as well as next steps. (for the purpose of sharing with colleagues,)

What we want to practice at our first SINCA session was a bit different type of interviews.  It is because I feel that journalists trained overseas (for example in the US and UK) seem to know how to ask questions- follow up and pointed questions, unlike many Japanese journalists who tend to ask general/superficial questions (partly due to the restriction of journalist club etc. arrangement). So we set up the context in the way that you ask questions on the spot without any preparation beforehand and think of follow-up questions to go deeper.

At the session, I asked participants (we had some 24) how they spent their yearend and new year holidays and I explained my own activities–including video of SINCA and of GAS Talks unlike other years when I prepared a video of activities such as overseas trips, conferences and vacations (I was not able to make any overseas trips this past year due to Covid-19).  Then I explained the tips about interviews as above and arrangement of the 6 breakout groups.  I also explained some lessons I learned from case study discussions.

Video part 1 shows this introduction for 15 minutes or so.  Video Part 2 which we will post shows the discussion of the actual experience and lessons learned from the role play and the new initiative of English book reading club.So stay tuned.

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