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The video of the SINCA expert session we hosted on Tuesday, June 25 is now available for your view.  We had two guests – Tsuneo Watanabe of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Tim Kelly of Reuters – both experts on foreign policy/diplomacy etc. The topic was G20 Summit which was taking place later that week.

We began the session asking two experts what G20 Summit is and how it has evolved.  It was very interesting to find out how G20 worked right after the presidential inauguration of the President Obama  in 2008 when the whole world was on the brink of huge financial crisis.

We also found out how the economic development around the BRICS etc. has affected the emergence of G20 so that this type of forum can produce some results, including new and emerging countries. (After all, G7/G8 were not working as effectively as it expected.)  We asked whether G20 in 2018 would produce any tangible results and whether G20 is still relevant when the world is undergoing unprecedented transformation. (Find out from Part 1 of video for the views of the experts.)

Part 2 has very interesting comparison of the UK and Japan as far as the reaction to the visit by the President Trump is concerned .  Comparison was extended to the democracy , too.  Questions from the participants are also included in the video. So Enjoy.

In Part 3 which we will post soon, more interaction and report back from the breakout discussions by the participants is included.  So stay tuned.

For our next SINCA session scheduled on Friday, July 26, the topic is very different as we have exposure/first step to Coding & English-two necessary skills to enjoy the global space today. https Registration is already open, so sign up soon!

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