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The 4 part video of the SINCA session held at Code Chrysalis on Friday, July 26, is now ready for your review. It was the skill session where participants learned basics of coding and practiced.  Out of the 4 videos, here are Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1 shows myself welcoming the participants and giving a bit of background of the skill session.  I then introduced Yan, Fan, co-founder of Code Chrysalis and instructor of the session  and the Code Chrysalis team who supported us.  Yan took over and explained what Code Chrysalis is and their mission etc.  She then introduced her own background – her career, trigger to learn coding etc.  it was very interesting to find out how her career evolved

In Part 2, she explained qualifications to be a good software engineer & beyond -much more than just coding, such as communication and collaboration.  She then explained the value of Pair programming and the participants in pairs began practicing Pair work using the Origami example. Yan is excellent in explaining the concept of pair work, instructions for the exercise and engaging participants by asking questions and feedback.  I myself learned a lot from the way she handled the session.

These two videos will help you get the basics of coding, whether you participated or not.  Enjoy!  I will post the remainder (Part 3 and 4) soon. So stay tuned.  They are also available at SINCA Tokyo website.

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