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The video  series of the SINCA vol. 13 on Food Tech is now ready for your review.  The session was held at WeWork Nogizaka on Friday, October 25.  Part 1 of the video (some 12 minutes) has my welcome remarks. I made brief comments on the discussion at the beginning. where I posed the question to  the participants. .

My question was ” What is the most memorable food you remember? What was the occasion? Why is it so memorable for you? Were you with others? etc.”  Each participant thought about the question for a few minutes and share their memory of food with the neighbor.  This way everybody was engaged from the beginning.

Then I introduced two guests- Hiro Tanaka and Akiko Okada from Sigmaxyz who organized the Smart Kitchen Summit Japan.  Hiro and Akiko shared their background (both have interesting career) and Hiro talked about how he found Food tech. Then they showed the  brief video of Smart Kitchen Summit 2019 held in early August.  Here is the part 1 of the video. Enjoy!

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