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We hosted the first SINCA special session last Saturday (Jan. 25) at Shiseido Global Innovation Center located at Minato Mirai.  Unlike our usual session held Friday evening, we organized the session in the afternoon, so that participants could come to the venue(there are quite a few R & D facilities in the are).  Some 20 people participated from Shiseido and 40 from outside, including past participants of seminars and repeaters.  We were fortunate as it was a very nice sunny day.

Now, we post parts 1 and 2 video of the session for your review.  I will post the other 2 tomorrow on this blog.

In Part 1 of the video, I thanked Shiseido to sponsor this session, welcomed the participants, and asked each one of them to think (2 min) about the “Beauty” they encountered this year (i.e. first 25 days of the new year!).  I asked them to share their Beauty with neighbors briefly for ice breaking.  I then introduced Ms. Ruriko Takano of Shiseido, presenter,  Her title is “Beauty of Shiseido- and its background” and she showed lovely video featuring various aspects of Beauty of Shiseido.  (presentation was about 10 min. or so)

Here is Video part 1. 

After that, some 8 groups of 6 or so started the breakout session to answer the question, “What can Beauty create?”  I explained the procedure briefly (brief self introduction, decide discussion leader & reporter in each group) and they discussed for 40 minutes or so.

Part 2 of the video shows the discussion, and four reporters from the groups sharing what they discussed in the group.  I found their reporting very interesting and asked some questions.  (Reporters were two men and two ladies–in fact, there were quite a few men participants!)  Here is video 2 (some 8 minutes)  Enjoy!

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